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Heucophos Modified Orthophosphates HEUCOPHOS® ZPA, ZPO and ZMP set new standards in the industry by doubling the performance efficiency of conventional zinc phosphates. With this optimal balance between cost and performance ZPA, ZPO and ZMP are still the most popular grades of Anticorrosives in the trade. High Performance Polyphosphates The search for chromate replacements in high performance applications, such as coil coatings and aircraft primers led to the development of the polyphosphate line, which is sold under the labels HEUCOPHOS® ZAPP, SAPP, SRPP and CAPP. Heubach´s high performance polyphosphates are among the technically most sophisticated anticorrosive inhibitors in today´s market and are the preferred option wherever ultimate protection is required. Wide Spectrum Anticorrosives With the introduction of HEUCOPHOS® ZAMPLUS and ZCPPLUS, wide spectrum applicability has a comeback to formulators of protective coatings. So far wide spectrum applicability had been the unique advantage of chromate pigments in the past. They have been designed as Wide Spectrum Anticorrosives for application in both conventional and, in particular, modern resin systems. They cover most applications of the anticorrosive landscape and have the potential to become technologically the cutting edge for the protective coatings of tomorrow. HEUCOPHOS® ZCPPLUS deserves special attention for testing in combination with HEUCORIN® because this is the first case in which the architecture of an inorganic inhibitor has been tailored to interact synergistically with HEUCORIN® as organic inhibitors.  Solventborne systems  Waterborne systems Click here for more information about this product.
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