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Cliqsmart 111 CLiQSMART 111 is a mineral oil and silicone-free multipurpose defoamer for aqueous systems. The highly efficient defoamer with excellent storage stability is almost VOC- free and often formulated in modern VOC-compliant formulations that meet the most stringent TÜV requirements. CLiQSMART 111 is used in pigment concentrates, mid-to-high pvc decorative paints as well as in latex based construction systems and adhesives to reduce both production and application foam. It provides excellent defoaming efficiency with common binders like pure acrylics, styrene acrylics, VeoVa or VA/E. CLiQSMART 111 gives excellent long term defoaming efficiency also at higher storage temperatures. It shows no to minor influence on other paint properties like storage stability, gloss or re-coatability.  Solventborne systems  Waterborne systems Click here for more information about this product.
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