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Cliqsperse BA CLiQSPERSE BA is a resin-like polymeric dispersing agent for non-aqueous systems. The additive is used as pigment grinding resin for industrial and decorative systems to produce organic or inorganic pigment concentrates. It is also recommended for direct grinding of pigments into a coatings mill-base. CLiQSPERSE BA reduces grinding time, mill-base viscosity and provides improved colour strength and paint stability without The dispersing agent does not negatively influence the paint durability due to its film forming resin structure. CLiQSPERSE BA is compatible with most non-aqueous coatings systems, but particularly recommended in paints or pigment concentrates for air-dry alkyd paints, alkyd-melamine baking systems or acrylic enamels. It is also very efficient to disperse pigments into plasticizers used for PVC systems.  Solventborne systems  Waterborne systems Click here for more information about this product.
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