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About us Dols International is a privately owned distribution company for a broad range of industrial raw materials. Additionally we provide technical support and formulation services for our customers. We work out solutions in application fields such as coatings & inks, adhesive and other construction materials, household chemicals and plastics. Our strategy is to maximize the added value for our customers. Therefore we continuously invest in our technical service capabilities as well as in our customer service.
© Dols International bv
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Timeline 01-07-2016 - Dols International starts the representation of Vil Resins Ltd. Vil Resins is an independent producer of Alkyd binders both for solvent borne as well as water borne systems. 01-03-2015 - Dols International starts the representation of Dura Europe. Dura Europe is a global producer and supplier of high quality metal organics, they offer an extensive line of catalysts and driers. 01-10-2014 - Dols International starts the representation of Cabot Corporation. Cabot is a global producer of specialty carbon blacks.