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Next to the technical service we provide for our customers, we also use our laboratory to invest in new ideas and technologies with a focus on water based systems. We continuously try to improve the overall quality and at the same time we look for optimization of specific properties. The future of sustainable resourced raw materials is part of our innovative approach. This all to further support our customers with the future challenges that they face. We are exploring binders based on a high percentage of bio-based raw materials from renewable resources. These green binders should still show acceptable overall performance yet maximizing the bio-based content. Also our Purecryl concept will keep our focus. In this concept we combine different resin technologies in order to optimize the final performance at lowest possible cost. Additional binders are to be expected to be added to the product range and existing binders will be further evaluated in different applications. Finally we continu to work on our Dolfynox product range. A group of additives to provide excellent low dynamic surface tension in order to improve substrate wetting of water based systems.
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