Organic pigments
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Monolite MONOLITE® pigments are specially designed for use in a wide range of paint applications exhibiting the highest tinting strength plus excellent brilliance due to easy dispersability. Outstanding fastness properties to light, weather, solvent, heat and overpainting make these high performance pigments an ideal choice for highly demanding applications such as industrial, coil, architectural, OEM and refinish coatings. We are able to offer a full color range of high performance products thanks to our highly succesful development programmes of the recent past. The product portfolio will be customized to the demands coming from the market by permanently ongoing new developments. Our DPP pigments, Phthaloblues and Phthalogreens; Indanthrones and Anthraquinone pigments have to be emphazised as the most important representatives.  Solventborne systems  Waterborne systems Click here for more information about this product.
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