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After his studies of chemical engineer at the University of Ghent (1982,  Belgium) Eric Tijtgat realized major achievements as a leading technical and  commercial profile in lubricants (Rohm and Haas), lanoline (Standard Wool  France) and plastics (IM, Afinia Plastics). Also added the French MCR- management course of the IFG (Institut Francais de Gestion) to his curriculum.  Before his career move to Dols International, Eric has been two years  responsible as business process consultant of SME's within Flanders  Investment and Trade.
Wim van Diemen studied chemistry at the University of Utrecht (RUU). After  receiving his Master's Degree (Drs.) in 1995, he started to work as formulation  chemist in the Division Industrial Coatings of Sigma Coatings B.V. Later he  worked in the U.S.A. as laboratory manager for the Division Marine and  Protective Coatings. From 2000 to 2007 Wim worked as regional sales  manager for Elementis Specialties Inc. As of 2007, Wim is technically and  commercially active for Dols International and since 2010 he is co-owner of the  company.
Kris Peeters graduated as Industrial Engineer Biochemistry in 1982. Worked 5  years as laboratory manager and head of a small paint production unit when he  took up international sales and European marketing responsibilities at Rohm  and Haas and later Elementis Specialties Inc. He took over Dols International  early 2006. While keeping a strong focus on the sales process, Kris is  responsible for the general management of the company. 
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Mr. Kris Peeters CEO/ Owner Sales Belgium and France Business development T: +31 (0) 475 315 554 M: +32 (0) 475 46 58 58 F: +31 (0) 475 315 206 E: kris@dols-international.eu