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Orgawhite 2000X Orgawhite 2000 is an ammonia, formaldehyde and APEO free organic opacifier that is designed to be used in water based paints and other coatings. Orgawhite 2000 is a non- film-forming polymer emulsion that forms hollow air filled particles when dried. When used in paint formulations as a partial replacement of TiO2 and other extenders, Orgawhite 2000 acts like a fine particle inorganic extender spacing the TiO2 particles. This improves the efficiency of TiO2. Orgawhite 2000 has a very low surface area and the binder demand is very low. This allows the paint formulators to work at higher pigment volume concentrations. Utilizing the benefits of the Orgawhite 2000 the paint formulation cost could be reduced without reducing the performance. Alternatively the paint performance could be improved without increasing the cost.  Solventborne systems  Waterborne systems Click here for more information about this product.
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