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Our vision and mission Dols International bv is guaranteeing your tomorrow's successes by a highly specialized sales force listening to you. Dols International bv daily translates your 'actual and future' needs and requirements in outstanding products manufactured by world class manufacturers and services. Dols International bv is not only your technical or commercial solution provider. In order to have the right goods at the right places and at the right time, we are offering you competitive tailor made logistic services. Dols International bv’s vision is to be the significant partner for you realizing sustainable growth in today's globally orientated economies. Dols International bv will achieve this by a proactive cooperation with its principals, by stimulation of organic growth, by investing in future promising technologies and by respecting all the stakeholders. What can we offer YOU... Dols International bv has 25 years experience with several chemistries. Existing contacts in coatings, inks, construction, can quickly lead to new and extra sales for new and broadened product lines. A new product line can be incorporated in our solutions & formulations together with pigments and specialty additives. We decided to invest in our technical support function (development of formulations, lab. testing facility) as it was proven to be an asset to build added value. Dols International bv is willing to invest in extra resources, given a realistic plan for success. Dols International bv is a small and flexible unit with short and open communication lines. Direct contact and reporting is easy. We strive to a maximum of customer contact.
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